I had come along to give my 2cents after listening to a documentary  on stemcells but instead were rewarded with feedback from Histogen! Is Histogen concept only useful if you still have hair? After reading demoralised posters about when if ever we will see  something promising and then reading about scientists having created  artficial sperm, and using temcells from a tooth to restore sight in  a person, and also about preperations to commence injections of  stemcells to restore paralysis and the ability to grow new organs,  i.e trachea in spain last year, it really does not not take a giant  leap to hear scientists have cracked growing hair does it? well they  have just not cosmetically appealing.Anyhow i think its briliant Histogen have posted, i feel inspired


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  1. admin says:

    There is a new published study from Stanford regarding wounding and hair growth (mice). They tried smaller wounds like cuts and small circular wounds and found that even small wounds would result in pretty impressive hair growth. In these mice that is. There are some pretty impressive pictures I think, but on the other hand I know that the same injury in humans would not result in that amount of hair growth. So it could be that the follica method isnt really working on humans at it does on mice.
    Here is the link to the article Small cutaneous wounds induce telogen to anagen transition of murine hair follicle stem cells :

  2. admin says:

    Apparently it was not new hair follicles but existing that went in to anagen:
    “Smaller wounds could selectively upregulate factors which are sufficient for inducing cycling of pre-existing hair follicle stem cells but not for triggering follicular neogenesis [14, 23]. The latter may result only after the skin sustains large defects. Wound size-dependent concentration effects of key signaling molecules may also contribute to these differences”
    But still, if this would be the same for humans a small cut on the scalp would result in thicker hair growth (resting hairs -> anagen). And that isnt the case as far as my experience go.

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